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" Jesus Christ did not come into this world to make bad people good. He came into this world to make dead people live. "

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Maria. Giiirrrlllll

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"gonna sell these kids some drugs"

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And just like that,


God nips my foolishness in the bud.


I had walked out of the house today, with my heart dead set on having an attitude and being in my feelings.

The first place I go is to get a haircut.

My barber has worship music playing.

I break down on the spot.

God is like, “BRUH. Uh-uh. How you gonna rep me with a mopey face on the floor? I am holy. Get it together.”



Gotta have a best friend. <3 

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Aunt Viv the original she was just so freaking stylish. Just look at her slaying in every outfit like its nobody’s business. I’m always in love with her jewelry specially her earing. 

Aunt Viv =Goals

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